When this express service was introduced, everyone wanted to use it! This caused Chris enormous stress because three or four projects coming in on top of each other meant working round the clock. Evidently the service was too cheap! A solution has been found!

For an express service, you must settle FiSCA’s quotation and make a donation of €1,000.00 to Blood Bikes West at https://www.idonate.ie/750_blood-bike-west.html  Forward a copy of the donation receipt to cb@fisca.ie along with your request. Chris promises to undertake and submit your application within ten days of your donation, providing you give him all necessary information for your project when requested. You get the express service you want and Chris has the satisfaction of knowing someone else has benefited from his good fortune.

Who are Blood Bikes West and what do they do, see for yourself. https://www.bloodbikewest.ie/ and https://www.facebook.com/BloodBikeWest/