Can’t wait, so, you require an express service! When FiSCA has conceded to such requests/demands, Chris has had to work evenings and/or weekends to facilitate such demands in order not to disrupt the timeline for projects with a committed date/timeframe for submission. FiSCA has only gained the goodwill of the client concerned, but no recompense for all the disruption & grief

For an express service, you must pay FiSCA in full including Vat and make a donation of 10% of FiSCA’s net fee or €250, whichever is the greater to Blood Bikes West at Forward a copy of the donation receipt to along with your request. Chris promises to undertake and submit your application within ten days of your donation, on condition he’s informed on the day the donation is made and on condition that he is furnished with all relevant information for your project when requested.

Who are Blood Bikes West and what do they do, see for yourself. and