Is FiSCA insured?

We have full Professional Indemnity and Public Liability cover. Copies available upon request.

Is FiSCA Tax compliant?

We are VAT registered and possess a Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the Revenue Commissioners which is available for inpection upon request.

Can FiSCA certify compliance with the Fire Safety Certificate & Disability Access Certificate?

Yes, we can issue three types of Certificate under the new BCAR or BCMS system.

  1. The Ancillary Certificate of Compliance:- Design, Commencement/7 Day Notice.
  2. The Ancillary Certificate of Compliance:- Completion.
  3. The Ancillary Completion Certificate:- Inspection.

Naturally, if FISCA is to issue such Certificates as outlined at 2 & 3 above, FiSCA must be employed to undertake the necessary site inspections.

I want to get started before my FSC or DAC is granted. Can I go ahead?

Yes, under the following conditions.

  1. You commence works after submitting a valid application with a 7 Day Commencement Notice, seven days after the Local Authority have received the application.
  2. You are not permitted to open the building for it’s intended use until you have received a Fire Safety Certificate and a Disability Access Certificate. You don’t have to submit a Disability Access Certificate application when you commence works, but you would be wise to do so.

I want to carry out minor works to my premises. Do I need a fire safety certificate?

Minor works such as repairs and renewals are exempted from having to apply for a fire safety certificate. Care should be taken though when deciding on what constitutes minor works. The Planning Act defines what is exempted and what requires permission.

Do I have to wait for my planning permission to come through before I can apply for my Fire Safety & Disability Access Certificates?

No. You can apply for all simultaneously. If you wait for your planning permission before applying for your Fire Safety Certificate, you will have to wait for a further two months before you can commence works, unless you use the 7 Day Notice application.

How do I get a quote?

Please ring Chris on 071 933 5987 to discuss your project/building for a quotation or alternatively forward drawings to Chris at You’ll receive a quote within 24hrs, providing it’s not 6pm on Friday evening.