Out-sourcing allows your practice to focus on your core activities & competencies. We will collaborate with you throughout the design process to produce the best layouts at the commencement of your project. This empowers you to focus more time on other critical core activities, like design, project and business management which in turn improves the quality of the service that you provide to your clients.


Our fees are undoubtedly the most competitive professional fees in the country and include everything necessary to acquire the Certificate(s) sought. See testimonials for verification or talk to some of FiSCAs’ clients. FiSCA provides a professional service at an economic rate because it operates with low overheads and costs, which are passed on directly to its clients. A great service at a great price, which starts at €200 + Vat for the smallest of projects.

Cost effective savings

We specialise in the procurement of Fire Safety Certificates on a daily basis and are therefore repeating the process continuously, we can prepare your applications quicker and therefore more efficiently. Greater efficiency means cost savings which we pass directly to you.


When you’ve only one or two staff undertaking all the technical work in your practice, out-sourcing the work to procure the Fire Safety & Disability Access Certificates gives you better control of the office workload. More control of the deadlines & work schedules equals less stress on your staff. Less stress equals better morale.


By employing us when you’re busy, your office has greater flexibility to take on a higher volume of work.

Continuity of Service

Outsourcing of the Fire Safety & Disability Access Certificate applications will provide a level of continuity to your practice while reducing the risk of in-house delays to a particular project when problems are encountered.

Out-sourcing could help to develop skill-sets within your practice.

A difficult or awkward project needs to be undertaken that requires skills that you or your staff do not possess. Out-sourcing of Fire Safety Certificates & Access work allows you to undertake the project and gives you the opportunity to further develop your own skills.

Please ring Chris on 071 933 5987 to discuss your project/building for a quotation or alternatively forward drawings to Chris at cb@fisca.ie.  You’ll receive a quote within 24hrs, providing it’s not 6pm on Friday evening.