Tusla Fire Requirements for Early Years Services

Oxy acetalene torch in a low oxygen environment

This video demonstrates a controlled environment to prevent fire from occurring because there is insufficient oxygen in the atmosphere for fire, but enough to allow humans breath satisfactorily.

FM Global Sprinkler Demo

An argument for sprinklers in commercial premises.

Home fire sprinkler demo

An interesting video clip that demonstrates the argument for domestic dwellings having sprinklers. Now mandatory in flats and maisonettes with no alternative means of escape above 11ms & optional above 7.5ms.

Ansul Fixed Fire suppression system for Commercial grade kitchens

View the video from Ansulon for Commercial grade kitchens

Ansul Fixed Fire suppression system for Industrial applications

View the video from Ansul for Industrial applications

Mechanical smoke management

Coopers FireMaster® Egress Fire Curtain

Coopers Circular FireMaster Concertina

Coopers Replacement Smoke Curtains

Coopers SmokeStop® smoke curtains

Coopers Boundary Protection Fire Curtains for Tall Buildings

Coopers FireMaster® Fire Curtain with Smoke Control for Lifts and Lobbies

Coopers FireMaster® Concertina™ closed fire curtain

Coopers FireMaster® SuperPlus™ Active Fire Curtain Barrier

Coopers FireMaster® NVS™ Horizontal Fire Curtain Barrier

Types of Fire Extinguishers and their uses

How to use a Foam Fire Extinguisher

How to use a Powder Fire Extinguisher